Are The Newspapers Dying?

The advent of the Internet era may tempt us to think that the digital media has resulted in the diminution of the readership of the print media. It may make you think that the newspapers will in course of time. But newspapers have their own value and they will withstand the challenges of the times.

There is a great uproar in the media that newspapers are dying. Who would like to read newspapers today? May be some old people of previous generations because of their newspaper reading habit? In my opinion, print media such as newspapers, do have power over the modern people.

The dwindling number of newspapers

It is a fact that the number of newspaper circulation might have decreased. The advance of digital communication, coupled with the glitter and glamour of electronic media, people may prefer to read news through the Internet. Electronic journalism may seem to overtake the print media. But this

sea of change is limited just to the mushrooming of new websites that attract the people in novel ways. The dwindling of the number of subscription may be a challenge to the print media. Yet, we can find that the leading newspapers survive in the word, even better than the past, by adapting the changes necessary to meet the situations and the trends of modern lifestyle. In India, I find more people are reading printed newspapers than the e-papers, because of the attractive schemes that they offer every now and then.

Flourishing local newspapers

It is great news that the local newspapers are flourishing well without any reduction in their circulation. People want to be well of the local news of which people can

be aware of every time. Community papers and news-bulletins are finding a good source of spreading news. They have zero reduction in circulation and readership. Even during these busy days, people are anxious to look at such newspapers. They contribute much to the augmentation of solidarity, fostering of creative awareness and promotion of values. An audit report published in our local newspaper “Stow Sentry” says that 95% of the households get the newspapers and read them.

Newspaper websites

Newspapers through websites are also updated daily and have more readerships. They offer all the current, relevant and local news which are also liked by many of the people. Print media provides more freedom for reading.

Newspapers will survive

Although electronic media and Internet usage may seem o gobble up the print media or the Newspapers, which have been surviving for hundreds of years, time will bring them back with new dimensions and new avatars. Compared to electronic media, it is a well-known fact that the print media is the information bank of the common man, at least in developing countries such as China and India.


Article Written By vpaulose

I am a freelance writer writing in many sites. I write on health, education, personality development, religion, etc. I have MS in Psychotherapy and Counseling, Doctorate in Alternative medicines, 36 years of teaching experience in Tamil Nadu, 2 years of Clinical experience in Kerala many medical certificates to my credit. I want to write a lot and reach the world.

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  • Rodney Fisher  19-07-2014
    Where I live newspapers are slowly going the way of the dodo bird. The amount of poeople in my generation tend to use social media websites as a way to get their news. I have no idea how much longer news paper companies will be in business in fact the city where I live does not have it's own news paper anymore.
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  • ritsharma  18-07-2014
    Newspapers were relevant in old days when they were chiefly used to motivate weaker sections of society to participate in several protests or revolutions. Newspapers played vital role during several movements carried out in India for breaking the chains of ;

    With the arrival of smartphones we need to accept the fact that the importance of newspapers have declined but not too much. Smartphones still need to reach the hands of billions of people. Till then newspapers will remain relevant.
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