Why Do You Come, My Sister Irma?

The frightening hurricane Irma is crossing the borders of the US state of Florida. People are scared and are evacuating. Is it God sent or man-made?
Why Do You Come, My Sister Irma?
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Hurricane Irma is on her way to our area in the state of Florida. It is an extremely powerful tropical cyclone affecting the the whole area in the southern part of North America. The hurricane Irma is said be the worst one in nearly hundred years. She has already crossed the Carribean Islands, devastating several islands and causing heavy damage!

Why do I call it as "my sister Irma"?

I believe that every creation comes from God. Saint Francis of Assisi called every creation as brother or sister. He called "my brother Sun" and "my sister Moon". He called a dog as

"brother and an ass "sister ass"! This makes me call this hurricane as "my sister Irma" although she causes a lot of devastation and damage. But surely, she comes with a lesson to humanity! She has much to teach us who are
still on this earth!

The "Frightening Monster"?

According to the news channels, more than five million people across the state of Florida have been ordered to evacuate and thousands of people have arleady been crammed into shelters. Fresh warning are coming in. What would be the outcome of the hurricane? The world is watching keenly. Is it God-sent or the results of the "man-made Global Warming"?

A call to the whole world!

Whatever may it be, natural calamities such as hurricanes, cyclones, Tsunami, have to open the eyes of the whole humanity. We have to think of others and share life with others. 

Let us pray for one another.

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  • vpaulose  10-09-2017
    Thank you EC team for publishing this.
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  • mandini alya  10-09-2017
    This is reminiscent of the deadly devastating tsunami that struck one of Indonesia's provinces -- Aceh, known as the Veranda of Mecca. Lots of local people died and thousands of houses swept away. International contribution was offered to help those left homeless and many of their families were gone. I wish this would not be as deadly as the tsunami in Acehl
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